32 rue Saint Sébastien,


Discover the Delivery service of the Rush Bar here


Want to eat?

At lunch time or for diner, have a bite with your drinks! Discover our large menu here.

Want to get a drink?

Discover our selection of 8 draft beers and cider! Brewed in Ireland, in Scotland or in Germany, we are pretty sure that one will suit you!

You prefer Wine, Whisky, Gin or Rum, soft drinks or Bio coffee? no issue! Ask us to get our best recommendations.

Thanks to the new regulations, no need to order food to get a drink!

Want to watch sport?

In English, in German or in French? Easy! On our 4 screens, you will always find Football, Rugby, Tennis, Basketball and even Cricket or Kabaddi! The schedule is available here

And don’t forget:

Monday Open Mic’ & Sunday Quiz!

Suspended until further notice…


Mon to Fri: 11am till 9pm

Sat: 10am till 9pm

Sun: 10am till 9pm

New World

New Rules!

In order to comply with the new regulations, you will have to respect the following rules if you (STILL) want to spend some time with us:

Mandatory registration on arrival (No worries we have developed our own secured/private system)

No ordering at the bar

No more than 6 people around a table

One meter distance between the seated groups

Wear your mask  if you are not drinking/eating

No drinking/eating while standing

Stay seated

Make sure you are seating while smoking outside


Maximum sitting capacity: 54 people

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