32 rue Saint Sébastien,

We are (partly) back…

… doing take aways from 10 am to 10 pm!

Want to get a drink?

As beer is essential to life, you are allowed to order your draft beer as a take away. We also serve a few cocktails, some wine and many other things ! Discover our Drinks Menu HERE

Want to eat?

Tired of cooking three times a day? Burgers, Fish & Chips, Paella and Chicken Curry are available for lunch and diner on our take away menu!

Want to watch live sport?


Monday Open Mic’ & Sunday Quiz?

You can follow many of the artists that usually perform at the Rush online thanks to Escargot Underground Radio. And our dear Sarah organizes online Quizzes, one or twice a week. Get the last news on her Facebook page!

Post Corona Party?

Organize your private party!!

Happy Hour all Night!!

No fees and a free Bottle of Champagne!!

upcoming events